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You want to maintain system reliability while protecting your equipment and reducing your operating costs. When you call on us, you get effective boiler chemical treatments along with access to other solutions tailored for your entire operation:

We work closely with you to provide solutions to your most pressing process needs:
  .         Water purification equipment
  .         Analytical capabilities
  .         Consultative services
  .         Financial services
  .         Power and steam generating equipment
  .         Transportation services
  .         Energy conservation

Boiler Solutions bundles boiler chemicals, water treatment equipment, and services into one package to meet your specific feedwater requirements.

Feedwater treatment chemicals scavenge oxygen and reduce corrosion in the feedwater circuit - protecting the equipment against damage and reducing the potential for unscheduled downtime. These treatments also reduce the amount of metal oxides entering the boiler to maintain clean boiler tube surfaces and improve fuel efficiency.

Boiler internal treatment chemicals maintain clean boiler tube surfaces and minimize corrosion  reducing the chance of overheating or failure. Control of corrosion and deposition helps increase plant reliability and availability, protects equipment, and reduces maintenance and fuel costs. In addition to controlling deposition and reducing corrosion, some treatment chemicals can reduce the tendency for boiler water to carry over to the steam - protecting superheaters and steam turbines from damage.

Fuel treatment chemicals can reduce deposition or slagging and improve combustion. They help protect equipment from failure due to corrosion, increase fuel efficiency, and minimize maintenance costs. Fuel treatment chemicals may also help you meet important environmental regulations. The choice of which chemical to use depends on the type of fuel and the goals of the treatment.

Benefits To You
  .         Improved system reliability
  .         Reduced operating and fuel costs
  .         Broad range of chemical treatments for your boiler system


When you need cooling water treatment technology, We have solutions to protect your systems and increase efficiency so you can lower your total cost of operations. We offer treatment technologies for a variety of cooling water systems:
  .         Open recirculation
  .         Closed loop
  .         Once-through cooling
  .         Potable water
  .         Decorative
The cooling water treatment programs include:
  .         Scale prevention/ deposit control
  .         Corrosion control
  .         Microbiological control
  .         Online cleaning

Benefits To You
  .         Decreased operating costs
  .         Reduced water footprint
  .         Regulatory compliance
  .         Simplification  one supplier for all of your water treatment needs
  .         Power and steam generating equipment
  .         Transportation services
  .         Energy conservation
  .         Environmental services