Safety Equipments

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 DUY  VU  VUNG  TAU  Co.,  Ltd is a One Of The Leading Company specializing in the provision personal protective equipments, Safety systems, Environment and Health protection equipments as well as related service.



Our Vision to uphold the good values towards customer, employees, shareholders, supplier and the community we  live and  to conduct our business with  the highest quality, value and ethical  standards exceed our customers’ increasing expectations seeking  improvement and innovative ways in each of every element of our business as in  the areas of customer  services, product and workplace environment,  safety and health of all people  is concern.

With Safety as their top priority, they work closely with occupational Safety and Health professionals in hazard identification,  recommendations and  selection of personal protective equipment according  to  their needs.

They will continuosly  strive  to meet or exceed  their customer expectations by providing:

. Quality products and efficient  service

. Professional advice on  the  selection of appropriate  safety equipment

. Competitive pricing

. Prompt delivery

.  To enhance a  safe and working environment  in your company

They provide a comprehensive  range of products with common structural of services and satisfaction. They also provide comprehensive  training packages  to all  their customers.

Through their years of experience in the Safety industry, they are able to better outfit the workman for better protection  in his working environment. They are also able  to advise on  the proper usage,  its  limitations and maintenance of the external devices.